Wellness is a word used very often these days and is the way the Nordic Bed Co describes the state of well-being. Many years of research with help of chiropractors and others the best possible bed has been created, it is called the ‘Perfect Fit’.

Sleep Connections

Research and knowledge are the foundation of the Nordic Bed Co. The company takes pride in continuing to deliver on the promise to create the healthiest beds in the world.

About a third of a person’s life is spent in bed. On average that is about 8 hours a day. Good rest and recharging is needed to lead the hectic and complicated lives that humans choose to live these days.

The Nordic Bed Co is the first company who has analyzed and research the exact needs to assist in the health. All people require different conditions for a good night’s sleep and comfort. Height, weight and body composition affect what we require for sleeping well.

Reviews & Facts

The launch of Perfect Fit by the Nordic Bed Co, has been extremely successful. The Perfect Fit bed offers a completely personalized solution for the ultimate sleep results and comfort. Through simple settings to suit every individual is now a bed meet all different preferences.

The Nordic Bed Co suggests a perfect sleeping solution:

  • The right sleeping environment, everything from room to bed
  • Optimum hardness
  • Correct pillow
  • Optimal pressure relief
  • Material that breathes and removes moisture from the body

And with the perfect sleeping solution comes a personalized bed. The Perfect Fit bed is adjustable in two areas of the body, with a remote control. This patented solution offers, the best sleep, and also the most healthy body solution.

The Perfect Fit

When The Nordic Bed Co started with the research and established this opportunity, it was decided to develop the bed that suits every person in every condition.

Below are the reasons for why adjustable Perfect Fit bed is the right choice:

  • The body weight changes annually about 0.3 kg
  • A normal bed changes its shape as it gets older and used.
  • The hardness of a bed varies on the sleeper’s degree of muscular tension, and which also impacts the flexibility of ligaments and joints
  • To have a customized bed can prevent back problems
  • The Perfect Fit bed memorizes your favorite and optimal sleeping position
  • The Perfect Fit bed offers a great medical solution will be used in health care to relieve medical personnel
  • The Perfect Fit bed prevents pressure/bed sores (decubitusprofylax)
  • The Perfect Fit bed gives frail or disabled people more independence, freedom to influence their sleeping position
  • Pregnancy changes shape of the body almost daily
  • The bed has an option to be lifted automatically for cleaning purposes
For further assistance or professional advice it is Naturally advisable to see a local chiropractor. It is important to know more about each individual, as personal preferences and health solutions are of high value. The amazing and unique possibilities with the adaptable bed are of extreme importance.

Sleeping tips overall

The Nordic Bed Co has clear focus on delivering upon good sleep with the ‘Perfect Fit’. There for the company conforms to reasoning good sleep.

The reasons for needing good sleep are many, but international research has shown the following eight main reasons:

1. The brain function is more alert. The brain is serviced by sleep. If sleep deprivation happens the brain functions slower when awake. Life will feel cluttered and concentration will suffer. An adequate sleep the Perfect Fit containing all sleep phases enhances and increases the joy of life.

2. The memory improves. Sleep filters the unnecessary memory fragments from the important and reduces the load on the memory. This creates space for the essentials.

3. The weight is kept under control easier. With sleep deprivation the body is looking for ways to get quick energy. The craving for junk food is familiar to many such after partying and poor sleep. Studies show that obese sleep two hours less a week, less than the ideal weight.

4. One lives longer. A serious lack of sleep increases the risk of common diseases. Studies show that the increase of stress, obesity and poor sleep habits in society has led to such adult diabetes and sleep apnea has become more common.

5. Increased creativity. Creativity is a happy state and creativity is stimulated when you are rested well in a Perfect Fit bed.

6. Increased efficiency. In a society that measures by efficiency, the sleep is vital. When well rested, you get things done.

7. Keeps one intelligent. Sleep deprivation affects the parts of the brain where intelligence-intensive processes are performed, and can reduce the means to learn and remember.

8. A fresher look. It is valid to say that adequate and good sleep in a Perfect Fit bed, leads to a fresher look, which reflects your charisma.

For the Host of the Perfect Fit

The Nordic Bed Co is committed to deliver the best solutions, not only the sleep, but also the person cleaning in and around the bed, and naturally the bed itself.

We all know how hard it is to change sheets, lift mattresses and in particular the bed. The technology of the Perfect Fit bed indeed makes it a bit heavy, and it offers a solution to automatically lift the bed. This makes it easier for the service or housekeeping team of the host to clean underneath the bed, on a regular basis.

The materials that are used creating the Perfect Fit bed are lasting, of high quality and easy to clean. Handling and cleaning is a forever challenge, but with facilitating the housekeeping staff with this, the bed does not only deliver to the sleeper!