Hotel Toolkit 

The Hotel Toolkit has been created as The Nordic Bed Co wishes to together with the hotel communicate the value and wow feeling of the Perfect Fit bed to the guest. The toolkit is a more complete version for the hotel, or other hospitality industry that has decided to invest in the health bed solution.

The Nordic Bed Co is ready to assist with all additional information that is needed to ensure that your guests know before they book, when they book, upon arrival and during their stay.

Before purchasing Perfect Fit beds in volume from The Nordic Bed Co there are a large number of elements to consider. The Nordic Bed Co don’t just make promises regarding the quality of Perfect Fit, but even more promise and increased a customer loyalty who is often willing to pay more for a room which features a bed from The Nordic Bed Co.

A recent survey in 2013, amongst 600 interviewed very frequent travelers, showed the following results:

  • – 50% sleep less hours in hotels than at home
  • – 31% believe that their job performance the day after is adversely affected due to bad hotel beds
  • – 82% think that the hotel bed is worse than the bed you sleep in at home
  • – 48% think that the hotel bed is either too soft (27%) or too hard (21%).

The above results leave much to say for the purchase of a high quality bed, and can no longer be seen as a cost but rather an investment.


The Nordic Bed Co analyzed the Scandinavian hotel market in 2010 to understand the value to hotel guest.

Together with 17 well known hotels all over the country, the company invested in a survey and test with guests actually trying the Perfect Fit bed, the results were astonishing:

  • – 97% believes that the remote was easy to use
  • – 95% could find their optimum comfort level
  • – 96% would prefer a room with Perfect Fit beds next time they visit the hotel.
  • – 79% would be willing to pay extra for a room with Perfect Fit Beds (an average of €7
  • –37% are willing to pay more than €10 extra

For the average Swedish hotel €10 extra is equal to an increased annual revenue of €1 900 incremental revenue per room, based on 2010 occupancy levels.

According to the survey, the average hotel can install the Perfect Fit bed in up to 37% of their rooms and at the same time raise the room rate with €10.

Loyalty and guest satisfaction are extremely high on the list and are these days very easily communicated. The Nordic Bed Co Marketing Department can assist in online and offline solutions that will attract guests to book your hotel before the stay. In the survey with the hotels in 2010 in Sweden, guests will become loyal to the hotel and return there, to ensure the healthy and great sleep.

The Nordic Bed Co understands that even though the hotel will have many small and large financial benefits as described before, the total cost of purchase is still considerable.

You are more than welcome to contact the head office, as they have several financial solutions.

Please contact the CFO on

Delivery & Shipping

The Nordic Bed Co guarantees a smooth and fast delivery. Depending on the size of the order, the selection of the materials and accessories, we can deliver even deliver within 2-3 weeks.

Usually when an order exceeds an estimated 200 beds, will be able to deliver within 12-14 weeks.

We understand that changing beds in hotels is quite a challenge and will give you the best tips with regards to delivery and change over to new beds.  The Nordic Bed Co has the logistics to take care of any request.

Professional Advice

The Nordic Bed Co exists of a very knowledgeable team that has worked with the creation and delivery of beds for many years.

The Nordic Bed Co also understands the challenge of communicating with the guest in the virtual and off line society. The guest and sleeper is extremely demanding and it is hard to exceed the expectations, which are already so high.

The Nordic Bed Co has researched the value of the purchase of the Perfect Fit bed that mainly lies within increased RevPar and increased loyalty.

In the session Wellness you can learn more about the reasons why Perfect Fit is the right choice for your hotel and the guests. This has to be communicated, and can be done by ensuring the hotel communicates it in all their marketing efforts. For example banners, or agreements with third party channels, like, or, where they take responsibility for the marketing of the hotels.

It is clear that the guest needs to know about the wellness and great sleep that can be achieved by sleeping in a Perfect Fit, before they select the hotel. The Nordic Bed Co Marketing Department can assist with efforts that have helped the increase in new bookings.

Also of great importance is that arrival of the sleepers to the hotel, create much opportunity. They are the ones who will talk about the bed after the stay, but also when they have not booked a hotel with the bed in advance, there is an opportunity to up sell. Upon check in, the guest needs to be educated about the Perfect Fit bed, and also the use of the application that will be ready in the fall 2013.

The hotel will be responsible, for communicating wellness tips and all the advantages that come with the bed, and main reasons for returning to the hotel or paying additional to get a room with the Perfect Fit, in case they are not installed in all the rooms.

In addition to the sales and marketing, or logistical questions, The Nordic Bed Co can assist in any questions regarding the health, and wellness for the consumer of the bed.