Industry Solutions

Just like the Hotel solutions The Nordic Bed Co also offers the bed solutions to many other industries. The health and wellness solution plays a key part in the use of the beds. The purpose of the Perfect Fit beds makes them extremely suitable for any industry that has a need for wellness, and a healthy bed solution.

Retirement Homes

The Perfect Fit bed is highly suitable for retirement homes, also often called nursery or elderly homes. The older people get, the more there is need for a stable and stronger support for the body. The Perfect Fit beds from The Nordic Bed Co offer the ultimate solution, which supports the entire body, exactly what the elderly need for a comfortable position in the bed, and a good rest.

The service staff of the homes will be able to use the remote functionality and personalize the bed for each individual.

Resort Cottages

Cottages are mostly directly related to the outside life, which includes long walks, intensive exercise and intensified body movement. The Nordic Bed Co recognizes that the need for a good sleep improves the physical and mental condition significantly. The Perfect Fit Bed is therefore a fabulous solution for cottages that are looking to make a serious difference in the market.

Resort Villages

The Nordic Bed Co has developed the Perfect Fit bed for many reasons directly related to wellness, and clearly has spent considerable time in investing into the look and style of the bed too. For Villages who are looking to upgrade the market segment, the Perfect Fit is an excellent way to offer a premium, sophisticated option of bed. For villages the innovative bed solution will be a smart investment, attracting a potential new market segment.