The Nordic Bed Co also offers the Perfect Fit bed solutions to the private home.

After a stay in a The Nordic Bed Co’s bed a ‘Perfect Fit’ bed is very attractive to have at home as well.

The health and wellness solution plays a vital part in the use and further development of the beds. The Perfect Fit is a bed that has been developed purely for the satisfaction of the sleeper.  Since the bed is personal, the two partners in de bed can set the springs individually.

The Nordic Bed Co offers a range of choices of materials, legs and other accessories to create or match the ultimate home atmosphere.

The Nordic Bed Co is fully equipped to deliver Perfect Fit to a private address. As a consumer, there will also be access to the App, which is launched after summer 2013.  The App can be downloaded from any phone, and can be accessed anywhere where there is a Perfect Fit bed.

The professional team will be able to advice the best solution for the individual health and personal wellbeing. Please also read more about wellness and sleeping advice in the Sleep Solutions, and Wellness section.

Bring the best bed solution home and enjoy the best sleep.