The bed Massage Fit by the Nordic Bed Co is the most advanced and personalized bed in the market, delivering the most advanced sleep results.

Massage Fit

Massage Fit s the tailor made and personal bed, launched 2011. The requests for personalized beds started coming in, with the increasing demand for healthy and wellness solutions. The beds are of extremely high quality and can be steered with a remote control. The quality is lasting, personal and of extremely great comfort, and the most luxurious solution.

Product Description

The Nordic Bed Co is the proud developer of the flexible bed, that works to best serve the shape of the body. Over the years the design has changed towards many individual hotel design, but the heart of the bed has remained. Just as you can expect from the guest, feedback is important. The quality and skills with which the bed has been made is getting tremendous support and positive vibes throughout the industry. The Massage Fit is available with a selection of high quality components. The creation is a partnership of knowledge and years of skills.

The Massage Fit is the bed, delivering strength and personal flexibility within a very strong and lasting framework. The bed has been a personalized and tailor made product for many years and is now part of the production because of it’s incredible international success.

Every attention goes into the detail of continuing to improve the beds and be in the forefront of design and commerce. There is a range of materials and accessories to compliment the beds.


The mattress

The Massage Fit mattress is in natural flexible white stretch cotton fabric with fluffy fiber padding in the quilt and is washable at 60 degrees. The Massage Fit mattress contains padding of 30 mm Ökotex approved talalaylatex and the height of the mattress is 12 cm.

Natural latex

Latex is the stable dispersion (emulsion) of polymer micro particles in an aqueous medium.
We have selected only a Natural Latex solution for our beds.

Bolster with stretch materials

The Massage Fit bed bolster is delivered in durable dark gray wool fabric, and stretch material in elastic cotton fabric that improves the compliance further. Alternative fabrics from The Nordic Bed Co are available upon personal taste or demand.

Transverse pocket spring system

The Massage Fit, “comes with heat-treated transverse pocket spring system, reinforced edges, 15 cm high (7 laps). The pocket springs are gathered transversely instead of longitudinally to better individual suspension.

The hardness is 1.7 = Medium Strong.

Bottom suspension

The Nordic Bed Co has developed an extra firm (1.9) Bonell spring system (7 cm high) to prevent subsidence (hammock), which is the heaviest.

Wooden frame with milled ribs

The frame of the Massage Fit bed is in Swedish pine (108 x 42 mm) with redwood battens (17 x 69.5 mm). The frames are hand worked in a milled groove which makes the framework very stable and durable. Pine wood is much stronger and more stable than spruce, which is mostly common in beds.

Other materials used

The Massage Fit has reinforcing Spirals in corners, fiber mats and uses natural latex.


The Nordic Bed Co recognizes the need for individualization and delivers or tailor makes the Massage Fit beds in the following sizes:

Width: (Standard): 80, 90, 105, 120, 160, 180, 210 and 240 cm.
Length: (Standard): 200.
Bed height: Approximately 34 cm, including mattresses and excluding legs.


The Nordic Bed Co has carefully selected a number of accessories available such as pillows, please enquire for more information.


25-year warranty and 90 day sleep guarantee.

Materials & colors

Washable and are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

The Massage Fit bed is available in the following colors: Winter, Nougat, Coffee, Metal, Anthracite, Black.

Click image for a close up of the Materials.

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There is a selection of different legs available with the Massage Fit bed.

  • Champagne flute shaped legs
  • Wooden legs with an aluminum rim
  • Chrome legs

The standard height of the legs is 23 cm.