BedroomDrawing The Nordic Bed Co has the head office in Stockholm, Sweden. The Nordic Bed Co started its research and development for the best bed solution many years ago, and launched under a different name in the Dutch Market.

The Company was established in Sweden in 2011, and after even more research and design, the company decided to officially launch with the world’s finest and innovative wellness bed called the ‘Perfect Fit by The Nordic Bed Co.’

Research showed that stress levels, eating habits and many other factors, influence sleeping. However the quality of the bed influences the sleepers’ position. As all people sleep in different ways, on the side, on the stomach, and naturally are of all different sizes, ‘perfect bed’ should adjust to the sleeper. The Nordic Bed Co aims to create affection to the bed.

The Nordic Bed Co has a patent on the most innovative solution to sleeping. This solution has been tested and reviewed by many researchers and the best chiropractors. The bed ‘Perfect Fit’ adjusts to the personal best position, with help of a remote control, which moves the springs in the bed.

The Nordic Bed Co takes pride in the creation of the ‘Perfect Fit’ bed, and is continuing to invest in Research & Development to create the ultimate health solution, and adapt accordingly.

The ‘Perfect Fit’ bed solution has already been purchased and tested by many, and in particular the Hotel industry is extremely attracted by the concept, as it has tried to find personalized solutions for many years. Hotels that have selected to be the host of beds from The Nordic Bed Co are now successfully marketing the beds and increasing their average rates.

The Company Vision

The Nordic Bed Co delivers a healthy sleep solution, reflecting personal adaptability, whilst strengthening hotel brands.

The Nordic Bed Co is continuing to deliver and innovate the best sleep solution.

You are welcome to contact us for any enquiries, purchase requests or any other suggestions or ideas you might have.

Johan Sarskog